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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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Friday, June 02, 2006

The VIDEO PROMOTION. Products Are The Best In The World. Every Individual And Business That Uses The Internet Will Want These Products!

There is no company in the World that has anything like what the VIDEO PROMOTION. has to offer. But that's not all. In early 2007, the VIDEO PROMOTION. will be launching a new "Set Top Box" that you can hook up to your TV and access all of our products and the Internet.

Imagine talking to your friends LIVE full screen on your television in high DVD quality. Imagine sharing photos, movies, music, videos, your blog, and much more. Imagine being able to access thousands and thousands of new "channels" with video content for almost every subject you can think of.
Video iPod Casting - allows you to upload videos to your iPod or mobile video player
Videos on cell phones - the ability to create videos from your cell phone and send them to your blog and the ability to create videos from your computer and send them to cell phones.
Video Social Networking
Ability to upload videos, photos, even music and share them with the World in your new Media Center
Video e-mail - reach 100% of all internet users with VIDEO PROMOTION. new patented technology
New E-mail application that is 10,000 times better than Outlook, Yahoo, Google, or any other e-mail provider
Video blogging
A New Video Community and Portal - it's like having thousands of TV channels on your computer!
Live video broadcasting to two or thousands of people with many incredible features
Live video chat 100% real time with up to 4 people chatting at once
Live 24 /7 video surveillance
New Private Label Accounts available to sell to businesses
Pay-per-view videos - gives people a way to make money with their video content
Watch live and recorded videos on your television with a new "set top box"
Your own TV channel on the internet - host your own shows!
Video on demand - gives you the ability to post videos on websites
Plus much, much more!
The VIDEO PROMOTION. technology behind these products is incredible.

Some of the World's best programmers and developers have spent over nine years developing these technologies. Several of these technologies have been patented. When you start marketing these products to individuals and businesses, you can be confident in knowing that there is no other place in the world that anyone can get these products.

- All videos will work on ALL computers - Macs and Windows.
- All browsers - IE, Firefox, etc.
- All internet connections - dial-up or high-speed.
- All video player formats: Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Cell Phone Players, iPod Player, Real Player, etc.

This is the first time in the history of videos on the internet that one VIDEO PROMOTION. will play on all computers, all players, and all connection speeds allowing YOU to reach 100% of all of the internet users in the World! This is a massive business opportunity where you can cash in on what experts are calling The Video Revolution!